Things are going well

I have been meaning to write here for a while, but have not had much time. Sir uses the computer for school so he uses the computer most nights. I’ve also been playing a lot of video games lately, haha. Between my little one and watching my friend’s little one, I have very little free time during the day when I do have the opportunity to write. I usually try to take a nap or get something productive done or play the current game I am playing. I have a little time now so have decided to write up a little bit of an update.

As the title says, things are going well here. We need to get back into some blog reading but we are learning. We are growing. We have hit our fair share of speed bumps along the way, but getting over the first mountain of a hurdle makes the little ones not seem quite so bad. But it all feels so right. It’s definitely working and I never want to look back. Sometimes we automatically revert back to vanilla, but we are working on curbing that and figuring out new ways that work for us to stop us from doing so.

Some big things may be in store for this coming year, so my blog will probably continue to be fairly boring and uneventful. I think I’m not going to have much time to write. But just know that things for me are going super wonderful and I hope that they continue to go in that direction.


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