Doing Well

I thought I would take some time while I had a few quiet minutes (and literally only a few minutes, the 3 month old I have started babysitting today is stirring, probably ready to wake up from his nap!) and write a little post.

Things have been going super well in the realm of our D/s. I did a lovely little Formal Acceptance and it went very well. We established a few basic rules, rituals, and protocols that benefit both of us as we move forward. It has been great for us. We are doing very well in building our foundation. We are communicating better than we ever have in the past. Talking about our progress, any missteps that have been taken, goals for future progress. I have even started a journal where I write my thoughts and feelings, things I can work on, and fantasies or things I would like to try sometime (Thanks Lt!). I feel like this is going to be a very excellent tool to have at our disposal and can really help us grow further.

I look forward to future posts where I may elaborate on some of the things that we have established, but baby has officially woken up now. Until next time!


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