Great things

I am currently typing on my phone so I intend to keep this relatively short (I prefer typing blog posts on the computer, I think better with a keyboard).

A lot has happened since my last post. I did a “Formal Acceptance” about a week ago. It was formally accepted and we have established quite the solid base already. He wants this dynamic just as much as I do, that is the difference this time. It didn’t work before because he was unsure about all of it. Now that he is sure, everything we have done in the last few weeks feels so natural. Like it is really meant to be, that this dynamic truly is the right path for us.

I will write a post or two later that details a little bit more. But for now, I wanted to post an update that things are going very well. I am amazed with it all. The dynamic, my Sir stepping up into his own role as if he has been a Dominant for years. I am happy with where we are and look forward to where we are going.

That said, we are having a scene tomorrow night. I am anxious, excited, and a little impatient. Why won’t tomorrow night just get here already?! This is very big for me and such wonderful steps are being taken. I feel good right now and it feels good to write positive posts. With all the negativity all those months ago, I’m happy to say that I feel happy.

7 thoughts on “Great things

  1. Ohhhh, girl, this makes me so so so happy! What an amazing turn of things! I can’t wait to hear more! Email me when you have time?

  2. Happy for you. Coach and I paced it out for about a year before we officially entered in. I spent that year learning about submission. I’m still learning and so is he. They’ll be ebbs and flows so look at the big picture and you’ll do just fine.

    • Thank you. It has not been an easy road. Admittedly, I completely gave up. In hindsight, I should not have, but I did. I expect the ups and downs, won’t make the downs much easier but thank you for the big picture advice 🙂

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