I enjoy going bowling. Immensely. While I do enjoy it, I am definitely not very good at it. My goal whenever I play is to break 100. Sadly, the last time I went, I hit 99. That same outing we had lots if trouble with our lane. Most bowling alleys have a little button near the ball return, the reset button. When the lane gets stuck, you can push this button and it clears the pins and resets the lane.

Sometimes I wish I could have a reset button. When I feel stuck I could just push the button and I would reset. When I feel lost, it help me find my way. When I feel off, it can center me again. 

Unfortunately, so such button exists. There is no easy way. I’ll need to learn all the ways I can achieve a “reset” the hard way. Though honestly, sometimes the hard learned lessons in life are the best lessons. They are the ones not easily forgotten. One day I’ll figure it out. I would love to have a reset button, but I will make do without and I’ll be better for it. 


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