Interesting Realization

Just as the title suggests, I came to an interesting realization yesterday. It has kept me in a wonderful place all day so far and I think will continue to keep me in high spirits throughout the day. Despite being severely sleep deprived.

Two nights ago, Husband and I were taking a shower before bed. This has become a nightly routine for us. More often than not, there is no actual sex involved. He loves to tease me while we’re in there and usually it stops there. The other night it didn’t stop there. We were talking throughout like we normally do. I was playfully teasing Him as He was doing the same to me. He had said something to which I replied “Why?” (I honestly don’t remember what it was that He said that brought that question out of me). “Because I said so.” Oh. Okay. Well I was still feeling kind of playful and continued to tease Him. I really wish I remembered the banter but that part is less important than what happened after the words “prove it” came out of my mouth for whatever reason. He looked me dead in the eye and told me to turn around and before I could even think about it He spun me around, bent me over and took me. Hard and fast. Adding a few good, hard slaps to my ass (wet skin stings a bit… lol). If that wasn’t “proving it” I don’t know what is!

Then there was last night. He sometimes brings work laundry home and He did yesterday. He asked me to do it while He finished up some homework and told me if I was a good girl I might be rewarded for it later. A smile on my face I responded with an enthusiastic “Yes, Sir” and got to it (only 2 loads, so it really isn’t that terribly much). I got it all done with no problems. However, His homework took Him longer than He anticipated. It got late. Really late. I fell asleep and He woke me up at 3:30am to shower and go to bed. Well, the shower was going to have to wait. An intense look in His eye He removed all my clothes and told me to lie down. Now, there wasn’t anything particularly kinky about the sex. On the outside I’m sure that it looked extremely vanilla. Then He wrapped His hand around my throat, not lightly but not too hard either. It was a reminder that He was in charge. This was when I made this interesting realization (though didn’t fully process it until later). Sometimes, the sex itself is quite vanilla (though there is almost always some kind of twist in there). Despite what is physically going on, the D/s dynamic is still present. I realized that it’s always there, in the mindset. 

These two were very different encounters. The first was fast, hard, and for Him not me (I love being used this way, by the way). The second less so, more vanilla in the physical aspect. With one action, He reminded me that even when it seems vanilla He is still in charge. So I realized that there really is no more true vanilla in our encounters, the dynamic is still present. Quite the realization!


8 thoughts on “Interesting Realization

  1. Love. I so get this…even when my Husband and I have veryyyyy seemingly vanilla days and interactions, they just aren’t. Every single moment is D/s in nature…because I am His sub & He is my Dom…always. It’s a beautiful thing to realize. 🙂 happy for you.

  2. Once you enter into a D/s relationship it will never be vanilla because he is your Dom 24/7. Even when it doesn’t appear so. 🙂
    Glad you had a great time!

  3. Mmm just edgy enough! Thanks for sharing… It’s the little nuances like this that take an ordinary fuck to an extraordinary FUCK! 😊

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