Orgasm Control

Orgasm control was one of the things that we have talked about a little bit. I told Him that I wanted Him to have complete control over literally all things sexual including my orgasms. I knew it would take some work on both of our parts sometimes, but we hadn’t had a chance to discuss it much more. Well, Tuesday night was an interesting night. It started with Husband telling me He had a couple of errands to run and that when He got back I was to be dressed in a nighty that I picked up not too long ago. That was the first time He had ever instructed me on what to wear. Needless to say, I was beyond excited already. Later on He told me to go to the bedroom and wait for Him. He started playing with me, softly at first and gradually increasing in intensity. I was climbing higher and higher. He asked me if I was getting close (though I know it was blatantly obvious I was, but I think it was to get me to answer Him). Then He said “I know that you wouldn’t cum without permission now, would you?” Whoa… “No, Sir” “Good girl” That’s when He pulled out the little Bullet. My eyes widened, this will not make things any easier. The vibrating of that thing is relentless. He ran it down my arms and legs, teasing. Then He pressed it between my legs and I got close again. And He made me wait, held me there on the very edge. That edge is an interesting place to be when you’re at the mercy of someone else. When He finally told me to cum for Him I felt like I had literally exploded. He then brought me to the edge for a second time and told me to wait yet again. I thought the first time was difficult but that second time was even more difficult to stop it. That darn Bullet! I knew it was going to be trouble as soon as He pulled it out. Well, two times wasn’t enough for my greedy self and I felt myself building again. He sensed it too, “A third? Hmm, I don’t know about that” and pulling the Bullet away. Oh I was a mess at that point I begged and pleaded with Him more so than I ever had before. He told me that I have been a good girl, so He will allow the third. Wow, that was amazing. But we weren’t done yet, “Okay, now I want that beautiful mouth of yours on my cock.”


9 thoughts on “Orgasm Control

    • He’s edged me before, but this time was just different. Before He would stop the “onslaught” once I got to that edge and I could back away from it. This time He kept me at that edge and made me wait there. He had never commanded the orgasm before either. It was a delicious experience and I loved it!

  1. You are braver than me! I get nuts when I’m close and can’t cum… if someone deliberately stopped me from cumming, I think I’d lose my mind… maybe in the future I’ll be brave enough to try it… for now, I’ll live vicariously through you 😉

    • It was not an easy that’s for sure. I’d never had a reason to hold on like that, especially when the friction continued. I did really like the frame of mind that it put me in though 🙂

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