The weather in my little area of the world is finally starting to cool down. It’s October and the weather has been unusually warm. I’m somewhat disappointed because I absolutely love fall weather (despite having some allergies to whatever floats through the air this time of year). 40s-50s are my ideal temperature range, 50s are the forecasted temperatures for the coming week. That makes me a happy girl.

As far as my own world, life is good. Things seemed to have significantly settled down and a new “usual” routine is being established. E is only a few days shy of a month old, so she isn’t on a specific schedule though there is no real rush to establish a set in stone schedule. While nothing is set in stone, I can pretty much count on her nights to be pretty close to consistent. It’s been wonderful for Husband and I to get the all important us time.

Which leads me to the title of my post. He had gone to watch the football game at His friend’s house again this week. He got home relatively early and shortly after He came home He wrapped His arms around me from behind. As His hands found there way down to between my legs He asked how things were doing there. I told Him I thought things were actually very well from what I can tell. “Hmm, well I think that you are due for an inspection.” Wait, what?! I immediately turned to face Him and for a split second I know that I a questioning look on my face. Why on earth would He want to see it?! Because it’s His… was my next thought. So instead of following my initial reaction and questioning Him, I asked where and how He would like me. He told me and I immediately complied without hesitation. I have been naked in front of Him hundreds of times, but this felt different. I felt extremely exposed. He looked for what seemed like an eternity (though it was probably no more than a minute or two). He told me that things did look good. Then He reminded me that I belonged to Him and He began to touch very softly. He asked me a number of times if all was still well. His tenderness and caring was really moving. I won’t get into too much more detail than that, but He told me that He wanted to make me cum though I was to immediately tell Him if anything felt wrong or hurt. The result was my first orgasm in weeks and though we didn’t do anything penetrative (despite the fact that we both really wanted to, He decided that we are going to still err on the side of caution for now) it was still amazing. “Good girl.” *sigh*


13 thoughts on “Inspection

      • We’re putting the pieces back together, but in spite of it all our marriage and our D/s has never been stronger. My father in law’s burial is today and his memorial service is on Thursday. Then there’s all the legalities, but those things are in good hands. So much to do. Birth is so much easier than death. Birth is joyous and filled with hopes and dreams. Enjoy your new baby girl and live each day to its fullest.

        • I am glad that the pieces are being put back together, that you are healing. Still, I am very sorry for your loss. ❤️
          I do feel incredibly blessed to have had a healthy baby. Plus one that has been easy (as easy as I imagine newborns can get). Our D/s has been able to continue to grow (still very slow, but moving forward rather than backward) as well. It’s been a learning experience and I’m convinced something stirred inside my Husband the day she was born that has been a factor in our growth.

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