Changes in Him

The last two weeks have been a time of learning for everyone in our house, bringing a newborn home tends to do that. In my eyes, we are all doing a wonderful job. I’m especially proud of my Husband. I know I’ve written this before but A was 11 months old when He came into our lives, so she was far from the newborn stage. Not only did I have A, but I grew up with a constant flow of babies (2 younger sisters and 24 younger cousins made for a new baby or two a year for a number of years). Husband did not have that kind of thing growing up. I had wondered how He was going to react after E was born. The day she was born (which was an absolutely crazy experience in and of itself! I will spare you those details though…), He did not hesitate in the slightest. He took her for the first time with complete confidence, if He had any fear at all He hid it completely well.

One thing that concerned me a little bit was the “us” factor. I knew how much work a newborn could be and that sometimes they can be overwhelmingly demanding. I had worried that not only our D/s but also our relationship as a whole was going to be put completely on the back burner. I thought that maybe we would be taking more steps back in our D/s than steps forward. It turns out that I really had worried for nothing. Instead of taking steps back, we are continuing well along our path. We haven’t really introduced anything new, however I still feel like we have made progress. That confidence that He had in the delivery room has not left Him. He seems to have higher confidence in general. With His increased confidence, He seems to have found a bit more of His “Dom”. I don’t know exactly how to explain the change. It’s something that I can feel almost coming off of Him when He is in the room. I can still feel it when I think about Him, but it’s stronger with His physical presence.

Last night, for example, was incredible. The last few days I haven’t really been myself and again I clammed up when I should have just talked about it (why on earth do I do that?! It irritates me almost as much as it irritates Him….). Well, last night we were on the couch watching TV and He grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me close to Him. One thing led to another and before I knew it was giving Him a hand job. Suddenly, He said that He knew I liked it but He wanted to know specifically what I liked about it. “Everything” was not a satisfactory answer so I listed a few things ending with how I like how He tastes. That’s what earned me a place on my knees in front of Him. I thoroughly enjoy being in that place, it feels so right and that it’s MY place. This time was different, He spoke to me almost the entire time. Encouraging words, I knew without a doubt just how much I was pleasing Him which added fuel to my own fire. He gripped my hair and moved my head (still working on that gag reflex, not completely there yet but I am making progress). When He had finished He leaned forward and told me what a good girl I was (I melted). Then He (very tenderly) ran His hand between my legs, though I still had my pants on, and said that it wasn’t fair. I had simply said that it didn’t have to be fair, but I misinterpreted the meaning behind His words. I had assumed He was talking about reciprocation but I was wrong, though I didn’t mind being wrong. He had said that it wasn’t fair that He couldn’t take what was His yet (a delicious little feeling swept through me at these words). Later on, He had said that as soon as we get the okay from the doctor, He’s going to take it over and over again (my heart nearly stopped on the spot). Needless to say, I came back to myself quite quickly (I still got a few nice strong spanks, stronger than He’s done it before, that also helped bring me back too).

I know that it doesn’t seem like very much, and it also seems like it’s similar to other situations that I have written about. To me, this is huge. The intensity of this was quite a bit higher than some previous experiences that we have had together. I think that the future looks even better than it did before and that slowly we will continue to increase that intensity. It makes me more excited to see where our journey continues to take us. (And the next 3.5 weeks can go ahead and disappear for me, I’d be alright with that!)




17 thoughts on “Changes in Him

    • Thanks. They really are. I know I have written so many times lately about the little things. But they are important, the steps we take are small but so worth it the farther we go. And actually now I think about it, the dramatic increase in His confidence is something quite big for Him and us 🙂

      • What seems small to others and may be small in the moment… totally adds up to big changes! I think it is maybe easier sometimes to make a big Dom gesture, but when those small, un-scripted Dom moments are displayed – you can just feel how natural the “Dom” is for Him and everything just flows. Does that make sense? I really have a point somewhere in there… Where’s the coffee?!?!?!

  1. I have a secret…. I didn’t wait six weeks. He didn’t “enter” me for 6 weeks, but those post pregnancy hormones had me worked up like nothing else. After 2 weeks, I NEEDED release. I expected to get a lecture from my doctor when I called the next day, but my doctor said that clitoral stimulation was fine as long as I had no pain, no bleeding and we kept the “area” clean. WOO-HOO! My sisters though I was nuts, but I had some of the most amazing orgasms of my LIFE during those few weeks. It was funny, because once 6 weeks rolled around, we were both really exhausted and only had sex twice during that entire month!! LOL! Just thought I would mention it, because it’s the cervix and stitches that need the time to heal.

    • Oh my gosh, my sex drive is unbelievable! I always have a high drive, but I never thought it would be back to it’s usual sky high so soon. I have read that orgasms can really help shrink the uterus back down to normal. And I did make sure that He knew that tidbit. He was referring to actual penetration in this context. A part of me doesn’t think He’s going to wait for the orgasm part. Lol! On the plus side, I didn’t need any stitches 🙂

      • Hmm…. I might have to keep this in mind over the next few weeks, or at least keep an eye in things. Our anniversary is in October (around the 5 week mark)… 🙂

  2. That’s great!!! Those things that seem little are all a part of the big picture. Nothing reassures me more and makes me melt than when out of nowhere he asserts his Dom! All growth! All steps forward! Yay you!!!

    • I’m extremely thankful for any steps forward, even small ones. And I am happy to see changes outside the bedroom. Like in our shower last night, I had playfully said something was unfair (I don’t remember what it was). He looked back at me and said “Sure it is. Because I say it is. And I make the rules.” He was also being playful, but He was not joking. 😊

  3. Great post… I love everything about it… Ok writing everything made me laugh because of how your Sir said not to use “everything”.

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