September, already?

I can hardly believe that it’s September already! Where in the world has 2013 gone? Though it seems like a long time since January, in hindsight it seems to have just flown by at light speed. Football starts officially on Thursday (ready for some Fantasy Football? :)) So much has happened since then and so much more is yet to come. Some things I know about and much more that I do not know. The unknown usually makes me feel nervous and not in a good way. However, having started my journey to a D/s-M relationship with my Husband I can see many changes happening in that aspect of my life. I do not know any details about the changes. I do help guide Him a little bit (sending Him links and such), but we still go at His pace. His pace seems to be much slower than I would like, but I also know that if we did things at my pace than it would completely destroy the dynamic we are trying to create. I am working very hard on my patience. It’s not easy, but I’m actively striving for more of it. Even though I am working on my patience, I can’t help but look forward to the future. I am excited to walk (or crawl) this journey with my Husband and explore new things hand in hand with Him.


10 thoughts on “September, already?

  1. Well, we’re ready for some football. That pace is going to pick up as long as you stay the course, keep letting him know how much you love when he’s dominate, and really work on those areas with youself where you find it difficult to submit. My husband was paying attention to that the first few months to see if it was all genuine change or just me being overstimulated by some books.

    • Thanks Elle 😊 I am trying to work on the “trouble spots” that I am aware of and avoid reverting to the “old” way of thinking. Definitely not easy, but as I want this to be our lifestyle, I can’t just submit only when it’s convenient. So I continue to try to work hard on it and myself.

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