www.LittleKaninchen.com (PLEASE RE_FOLLOW) Little Kaninchen has moved…

The Bedroom Submissive

Fellow readers and followers,

LKLate last night we changed bedroom submissive’s hosting provider and it’s URL, website address, to littlekaninchen.com.  The old address, bedroomsubmissive.com will still function as before but will direct you to her new website.  During the transition away from wordpress we incurred an expected loss of statistics and unfortunately a total loss of all of her followers.  Many must know this already because many have re-followed LK since we made the change last night.


If you would like to stay in touch with LK please visit her at her new web addresswww.littlekaninchen.com and re-follow her!

For those of you that would like to help us rejoin your community I would ask you to please re-blog this post.


Mr. Fox


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