I am His

I had started working on a post about feeling out of sorts. I have been feeling that way since Monday because of a stupid mistake that I made that day (I seriously am really very hard on myself about a lot of things, even when they are small). However, as I was writing it I started to feel worse and not better. So I promptly deleted that post and went onto Pinterest and started just looking around. I don’t look around there often, but when I do I can usually find some interesting things. In my browsing, I saw a picture that I’m sure many have reposted to many different sites. The title at the top was “WHO IS she?” and at the bottom says “she IS HIS.” In between it spoke of aching, yearning, burning. It really spoke to me today. This afternoon before my Husband had to go to work I was lying on the couch with my head in His lap. I was already starting to feel better just from that, but then He gently placed His hand on my neck. Since A was in the room with us, it wasn’t anything obvious or rough. Just a simple placing of His hand that was just enough that I could feel Him there, but not enough that it looked bad. I’m not sure if He did it on purpose or not, but either way I realized that I felt better. I have been His for a long time now, but that was one of those moments where I really felt it. I really needed that today. I am His.


9 thoughts on “I am His

  1. Im so glad your feeling better. Its like they have Jedi powers or something, right!!!…sorry, my geek is showing again! But seriously….just a simple touch or gesture….can mean the world….can change our entire demeanor! Did you tell him..what it meant to you….how it made you feel?

    • Jedi powers… that’s a good way to describe it! (Geeks always welcome, I count myself one too!) I didn’t get the chance to tell Him before He had to leave for work. When He gets home from work I plan on telling Him how much it really meant to me.

      • Oh good….I’m glad you will tell him! Sometimes it feels awkward…in the beginning anyway. But it gets easier just to let it out, to tell him when something stirs you!

  2. Little things make me feel His, too…sometimes more than big scenes. I feel out of sorts often and those day to day random acts of Dominance do wonders! I’m glad you are feeling better. 🙂

  3. That was beautiful. It’s amazing how much one word or gesture can put it all back in perspective and make you feel complete. It’s really not always the big things that are done because sometimes (many times) our expectation will get in the way and they will leave us feeling empty. It’s the culmination of all the little things that make the biggest difference.

    • So very true! When I told Him how it made me feel, I said something to a similar effect about little things and how they may not seem like much but can make a huge difference. 😃

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