Mind Clearing

It’s been a while since I’ve posted much of anything besides the video the other day. With a little bit of extra time today between the chores I need to get done I thought I would write a little bit today.

Ever since our talk a few weeks ago, overall not too much has changed. I wasn’t expecting major changes overnight, so that isn’t much of a surprise. However, now that I’ve put myself out there, I’ve felt much better. I feel like our journey is back on a track to progression versus feeling stagnant. While not too much has changed, there have been a few seemingly small things that have made a big difference to me. For example, the sound barrier has started breaking down. He talks to me a lot more than He did before, and that is huge for maintaining my mindset. The other night, I was thoroughly enjoying giving Him a blow job (Oh, I so love the taste of Him…) and He was telling me how good I was doing and how good that it felt. That was some major and almost unbelievable fuel to my fire. When He told me He was going to cum, I think I was completely consumed by my desire to really please Him at that point. He did (and mmm, the taste of that too, geez, I’m getting wet thinking about it…) and I felt so incredible for doing such a service for Him. He helped me to stand and said it was time for a shower. We went to the bathroom and I started the water. As I stood back up He reached for me and pulled me to Him in what I thought was a hug. Nope. He brought me close to Him and right when I was enjoying the full skin-to-skin feeling He reached down and started caressing between my legs. I could feel His purpose and I tightened my arms around His neck for extra stability and widened my stance for Him to have better access. It did not take long for the first wave of orgasm to overcome me. He did not stop there. He continued His exploring and at least 3 more overcame me. He then motioned for me to get into the shower and I immediately complied. Once we were both in, He grabbed a hold of me again and continued His motions. I think I had two more orgasms before He let go and (I can’t remember His exact words) He told me to wash up. We had a lovely shower (He let me wash Him, which I love doing for Him) together.
I wanted to share this specific experience because of it’s profound effect it had on me. My mind is constantly filled with hundreds of thoughts that never seem go away. It’s always in a constant state of motion. In my conscious memory I have not been able to completely empty my head of multiple thoughts at once. When He started telling me how good of a job I was doing while I was enjoying His cock in my mouth, my mind started to clear. The more He talked to me, the less I thought about besides Him. By the time He reached His climax almost all thoughts were cleared from my head besides Him. When He began to touch and explore me, literally all the thoughts that invade my head were gone. The only thing left in my mind was Him. Even when we were done with our shower, I felt as though I was floating. My mind felt incredibly at peace and my intense love for Him was overflowing in my submissive afterglow. While the thoughts eventually came trickling back into my mind, the experience will not be soon forgotten.


13 thoughts on “Mind Clearing

  1. Isn’t that wonderful?! The first time my mind cleared like that I thought it was a fluke, some small miracle. But the miracle is…Sir takes me there regularly..happens more and more. What an awesome experience for you guys, glad you shared!
    Also…I love going down on my Sir, too…so much. I have vanilla friends that complain about having to do that! Craziness!

  2. There is nothing quite like it at all. I know that He too noticed, and at first thought something was wrong. I told Him that my mind was just clear and he smiled and said “Good” though He couldn’t fully hide the surprise (since I’ve never been able to clear my mind and He knows it).
    I also used to be one of those girls that didn’t care for giving oral. I was good at it from what I was told, but never really thoroughly and genuinely enjoyed it. I am to a point now where I too crave giving it to Him and honestly enjoy it. I’ve been working on learning to control my gag reflex better (hopefully desensitizing it just a little in the process if I can manage) so I have a feeling we will continue to test my progress on that. 😊

      • Exactly! Practice makes perfect. I also found an interview with a sword swallower in my searching for more information. He says whenever you brush your teeth to take the toothbrush and “brush” the very back on your tongue where the reflex is located. It’s supposed to help teach control of the reflex. I’ve been doing it everytime I brush my teeth. It is a slow process, but more than worth it in my mind πŸ˜ƒ

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