Spaceship shaped like a…

I had a hard time finding a good sausage photo. So in thinking about naming them, I remembered this bit and thought it would be good for a laugh.

(Video from YouTube, clip from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me)


4 thoughts on “Spaceship shaped like a…

  1. I just like to refer to it as “business” (and my bits as “business”, too)… That way we can talk about a “business meeting”. Giggle… Business meetings are much more fun than meeting to talk about His business (work). Follow that? Austin Powers makes me lol.

    • Sorry…I refer to His junk as THE business…that ‘THE’ is very important. Unless we are alone…then I just like to call it Dick or cock. Not very original…

    • I did follow that 😊Austin Powers makes me laugh too. I will continue to search for good sausage pictures for the future, but for now I thought this was just too funny not to share.
      I’m not very original either, I use the same terms you do when we’re alone too. It’s difficult to think of a clever name when the deep desire is burning (at least for me!! Haha)

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