I have always had vivid dreams since as far back as I can remember. It has always been the biggest reason why I’m not a fan of scary movies. My vivid dreaming as well as my wild imagination are the “death of me” when it comes to horror movies. Sometimes, I will wake up with sensations based on what had happened in the dream. The last two nights have been those type dreams. They have been extremely intense, some of the most intense dreams that I can remember having, at least in recent memory.

And they have to do with my Husband and His belt.

He has never used it on me for real. He has playfully snapped it, but never actually used it. My dreams were a completely different story. Both nights, they seemed to have followed along the same relative “plot”. It starts with my kneeling in the bedroom, completely naked, my head down. He was standing in front of me, still in His work clothes as far as I could tell. He was informing me that He noticed I had not completed a task that He specifically told me was priority for the day (that exact task was evidently “simple” as per a word I recall Him using, but the detail on what it was precisely has been lost in my brain somewhere). He said this was a punishable offense, I had disobeyed and there was no excuse for not following His order. My heart is trying to beat out of my chest at this point because even my dream self had never truly been punished.

He grabbed some hair and pulled just enough so that I was looking up at Him. He looked at me for a bit and then He commanded I get onto the bed with my head down and my ass up. I immediately complied without the slightest hesitation. He said nothing for what seemed like an eternity. I felt completely exposed, but didn’t dare move an inch. Then I heard it….. that sound….. I have heard it many times during our years together but it somehow sounded different. The sound of  the unbuckling belt then sliding through the loops. He placed it down somewhere.

As He rubbed my behind, He told me He was going to warm up with His hand but that wouldn’t be the complete punishment. He did not tell me a number. His hand left my behind and I heard it come down almost before I felt it. He made perfect contact as if He had done this a million times. He did this 5 more times (3 total to each cheek if I remember correctly), just enough to warm up my bottom but not enough to make it extremely sore.

I heard Him pick up the belt. He informed me that I would be receiving 3 strikes. I was to count them out loud, but not to make any other noise. Anything noise would add another blow to the count. He asked if I understood, and after my almost breathless “Yes, Sir”, I sensed Him move positions. Like before I heard it before I felt it, but this time the sting was quite a bit greater than His hand. Immediately, my eyes welled up. It took all I had to say the word “one”. A few moments later came the second blow and then the third.

He lifted me up tenderly into His arms and said “That’s my girl.”

This was the point both nights that I woke up. I was sweating and I could feel the tingling sensations on my ass. I also noticed a need to change my panties because I had become so wet that I soaked them.

Very interesting dreams indeed.

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