Another Good Night

Another great night in our house has prompted me to want to write about it. The day was very laid back and uneventful. I liked that we were finally able to kick back and not have anywhere we had to be, we could just enjoy spending time at home. In the evening, Husband went to a baseball game with one of His brothers and A and I went to dinner with my Dad before he left town. After the ball game, it seemed like we were just going to sit and watch TV. I have been making it a habit to sit on the floor at my Husband’s feet. It’s where I feel right. He had asked me what I would like to do the rest of the night. I have found that when He asks me that, He usually has something in mind that He would like to do. I simply said I was open for anything. He told me He wanted to do something different and went to the other room. He came back a few seconds later with a Guitar Hero guitar. We both enjoy video games, but we’ve been playing other games lately and it has been at least a year and half since either of us played this game (yes, we are gamer nerds….). This was going to be fun, I could tell already. The very first time that I met my Husband almost 8 years ago, He played this game and it was a turn on for me. Watching Him last night, I remember why. The way that He moved His fingers along the buttons was almost intoxicating.

Anyway, despite being very out of practice and not up to the usual par, I found myself watching Him in awe. He caught the look on my face and I saw a flash go across His face. I was sitting on the floor gazing up at Him when He turned His body toward me and pulled down His shorts over His manhood. Mmmm….. Yes, please! He started using my mouth and it was wonderful. I loved every second of it. After a while of that, He helped me up and moved me over to the corner part of our sectional couch. A new position….. oh yes! We had to work together to make this work, as my lower half was partially suspended over the side of the couch. I had no control over any movement besides holding myself up. Thank you, Sir…. it was incredible. Afterwards we took a shower that felt fabulous. He massaged my shampoo into my hair and His tenderness was made me smile. After the shower, I was brushing through my hair and He gave me a nice hard slap on my bare bottom. Some dialog and a few more slaps (progressively getting harder) later, my bottom was a lovely shade of pink and I felt amazing. It was not a “real” spanking session per se (only 4 slaps total) but the way I felt after it is almost indescribable. I hope that we will be able to work up to a nice long spanking session one day. Yes, I think I would like that….. a lot. 🙂 


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