Whatever emotional breakdown I was having on Monday night, Tuesday night and Wednesday made up for that. My Husband really stepped things up in and out of the bedroom. He did things that He had never done before and did them incredibly well (our “session” Tuesday night wasn’t a true scene but it’s a step in the right direction). I saw a small piece of the inner Dom I know lies within Him. I had this overwhelming urge to be just be near Him all day yesterday and He showed me some more of that Dom during the day. Even late last night I woke up to Him playing with me (it didn’t lead anywhere, but it was still wonderful to feel Him roaming and touching). I am once again basking in the submissive afterglow that I have come to adore and crave.

I have also found that I get a really good feeling when I sit or kneel on the floor while He sits or reclines on the couch. Usually this works the best when He is doing homework, but just being in that submissive position makes me feel so right. I have had the opportunity the last few nights and it has been quite lovely.
While it may not seem like much, it is still progress and it makes me feel so wonderful. Even the small step forward makes me feel like this new D/s dynamic is right for us and that it will work, even if the progress moves slowly.


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