Rain on my parade

Yes, it rained yesterday. In fact, it was storming almost all of the morning. I’m actually surprised that the parade even started since I could still hear the thunder when the parade was scheduled to start. After we found a place to put our chairs (which is always difficult during this parade) it started to rain harder and harder. A tarp saved us a little bit of wetness but we were still soaked. Despite the rain, the parade started on time and I think it was a fun time. It was slightly chilly, which I actually prefer to the normal weather for this parade (overly hot and a cloudless sky) so I didn’t mind. Afterwards, we went to the carnival and got footlong corn dogs, mini donuts, fries, and cheese curds. Daughter went on a few of the small, slower moving rides. That was pretty much our day. I think it was a nice, wonderful family day 🙂

For today, I also have #3 of the questions ready to go as well:

How do you know you are submissive or have the potential to be submissive? How do you feel when you express your submission?

As controversial as it is, the 50 Shades books actually sparked the initial fire. I read them out of pure curiosity as they were so popular. I knew very little about real life D/s or anything to do with BDSM. Initially, the idea of being dominated in the bedroom or during a scene was what appealed to me. I had read a number of reviews that criticized the books for various things so I decided to look into the real world. I started to do internet research on the topic and came across some various blogs. As I read deeper into D/s I started to think more deeply about myself. I came to realize that I have a submissive nature and a submissive heart. It has always been a part of me and yet has gone pretty much unnoticed (or at least I never had the terms for how I was feeling) most of my life thus far. The need and desire to submit lies deep within me. This need and desire is for more than just in the bedroom, I want it in every day life.

It’s really tough to describe how I feel when I express my submission. As far as I know, all the people in my RL are vanilla. I only tell you that because I have never really had to think too hard about the words to describe how I feel. At the times that I feel my Husband’s power over me, one word that comes to my mind is euphoria. I feel extremely good inside and outside, it feels so….right. A few other words that come to mind would be complete and fulfilled. When I know that I have done something that is pleasing to Him and makes Him happy, I feel whole. It sounds really strange to say, but I feel like a missing piece has been put back into its place when I get my feelings of submission.


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