Alive and Well!

It has been more than a week since my last post and I apologize for that. We got back on Wednesday night, but I have been super busy ever since. My daughter (who I will refer to as “A”) left on Thursday morning with her aunt and uncle to go camping with her grandpa. She will be back sometime tomorrow, but those of you with small children know that the best time to get things done is when the kids aren’t around! Our cupboards were almost completely bare of food so I had to get grocery shopping done. As well as some extra shopping for the new baby. There are a few necessary things that we need yet and I’m hoping to space them out a little.

It was really nice to get away from home for a few days. I think that A had a pretty good time while we were there. However, I think that we had tears at least once every day for one reason or another. I think it was just the constant go, go, go that was getting to her. I think the very best time that we had while we were there was when the three of us went mini-golfing. She didn’t want to go at first and kept telling us she hated mini-golf (though she had never been before, so there’s no way she actually knew that). We went anyway and she was sure happy that we did. My Husband was also very excited that she liked it (He is big into golf and her liking mini-golf could be the start of her love of golf too…. at least I think that’s what He thinks). Obviously she needed some help on occasion and didn’t understand the full concept of taking as few strokes as possible, but she understood that the ball needs to be hit into the hole. We ended up doing two 18 hole rounds with her. It was a wonderful day! The vacation as a whole was a good time as well.


Today I have a massive to-do list and would have had zero motivation. My Husband was working on some homework that He had before He had to go to work. So I decided that I would play the Xbox for a little bit. So that I could have some time with Him, but also not distract Him from getting His work done. As He was leaving He told me to wish Him luck (they have been very slow the last few days, so it makes the days seem longer for Him). I told Him that I hope He has a good day and that my to-do list was ridiculous and would probably end up playing all night until He got home. He asked what I needed to do and I said that I at least wanted to get the kitchen cleaned. His response floored me. He leaned down and kissed me and then said “Maybe there will be a reward for you later if you get it done. If you are a good girl.” I was almost speechless. It really fed my submissiveness and has given me all the motivation in the world. It’s incredible what just a few simple words can do!

I better get started if I want my reward later 😉


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