26 week appointment and a new “room”

Last Wednesday I had my 26 week prenatal appointment. It seems weird that I even had a 26 week appointment at all. The OB practice I am going to starts biweekly appointments after 24 weeks. In any event, it went well. My belly is measuring perfectly and baby’s heart rate is looking very good. My blood pressure is also staying in a good range, which was a problem for me in my last pregnancy. I took the glucose test and had my hemoglobin tested, I passed both with flying colors! I was very happy to get those results. We are taking a trip next week and even though it’s only for a few days my doctor wants me to go in next Thursday for an ultrasound. I also had low fluid in my last pregnancy so she just wants to check up on that and make sure it still looks alright before we leave. She said that she would rather be safe than sorry even though it’s only 4-4.5 hours away. While I will be glad to see my baby girl again, I do hope they won’t have to do too many more. We’ll see how Thursday goes I suppose.


We were able to get everything for my daughter’s room all completed. We had to put a curtain up to separate it from the toy part of her room, but I think it turned out well in the end! This is her 3rd night sleeping down there and she is loving it. The full sized bed makes it all worth it to her! She has other stuff on her walls too so it looks like a bedroom despite only being separated from the rest of the room with the curtains. I am extremely happy with the results.


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